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Bad behavior earns Amelia Rutheford 25 with a tawse in What The Dickens?
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The director’s patience wears thin as Amelia and Niki ham it up on the set of a Victorian drama, What The Dickens? Niki Flynn thinks the script is rubbish and Amelia can’t resist over-acting. The solution is an off-camera strapping - but the cameraman keeps it running! So every one of the 25 lashes with a tawse across Amelia’s rear is caught on camera.
Real "girl next door" models getting hard, bare ass spankings!
Allaura takes a licking for not fixing Alison’s car properly - or was it deliberate?
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Allaura Shane is a mechanic with attitude, but when she doesn’t fix up Alison’s car properly and it breaks down, she’s due a serious licking! Out comes a big ole wooden clothes brush: “That thing is so TOTALLY mean,” agrees Alison. And she’s the one using it on Allaura’s booty! 15 swats on jeans are followed by 10 bare butt in House-guest from Hell.
The painful expressions, reactions and tears are 100% real!
A 40-stroke strapping for Michaela McGowen when she delivers court papers late!
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Case dismissed! A court case goes wrong when papers are not filed in time, and it’s all Michaela McGowen’s fault in Legal Penalties. Her boss Ms Wallace applies a leather strap to Michaela’s bare bottom, panties pulled down. 40 strokes on bare skin improves Michaela’s focus on detail, and she even offers to take an extra 10 to keep her job!
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