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10 with a wooden paddle on tight denim jeans for nanny’s breach of contract
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Stunning Michaela McGowen faces that most feared implement, the board of education, in Nanny Diaries. Attempting to get a better job with one of the nanny agency’s clients is a breach of contract. Michaela’s tight denim jeans offer some protection, but ten solid swats from Ms Madison burn her deliciously rounded bottom even through the jeans!
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Strapped 40 bare in the lunge position for lying: Taylor Ash pays the price
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Young executive Tayor Ash is focused on her Correction Program. When she lies to her counselor about going to the gym, she accepts that she must be punished. Ordered to pull down her panties and take the uncomfortable lunge position by Ms Wallace, Taylor endures 40 stinging strokes with a leather strap.
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Madison Martin’s round booty gets 10 licks with a paddle from Samantha
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Taking Samantha’s car is only one part of Madison Martin’s problem. Madison doesn’t have a licence so, when she’s pulled over, Sam’s car is taken to the police pound! That earns Madison an introduction to the wooden paddle for 10 swats over her well-filled jeans. “That paddle stung so much I thought I would achieve lift-off,” said Madison.
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