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Boot Camp style bare bottom spanking for Alison Miller - time to teach that brat!
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A traditional over-the-knee spanking, bottom bare, awaits Alison Miller in Boot Camp when she’s found in the staff lounge watching TV. Not only has she failed to complete her chores, she gives administrator Earl Grey some attitude. That can only mean a faster, harder spanking! Enjoy a spectacular slow-motion replay of her hot bouncing buns at the end…
Real "girl next door" models getting hard, bare ass spankings!
Jeri Patterson learns the price of honesty with a bare strapping in Reform School
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Doe-eyed beauty Jeri Patterson is all innocence when she finds Alison and Abigail fighting over a TV remote. She promises not to tell anyone, but won’t sign a paper to guarantee her silence. Her choice is 30 licks with a leather strap, bottom bare, from the trustees, or sign a paper. Teeth-gritting Reaction Cam replays of her face show every moment.
The painful expressions, reactions and tears are 100% real!
Bare bottom spanking sets the scene for college roomie Allaura in Sorority Sisters
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Allaura Shane has already made her presence felt in House-guest from Hell with Alison Miller. Now this inimitable duo star in an all-new series as college room-mates! They’re both pledging to the same sorority and have to find another girl to haze. Result! Alison loses no time in wrestling for the right to give Allaura a sound, bare bottom spanking!
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