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NEW MODEL! Hailey Lockhart makes her debut with an office spanking…
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>Download WMV trailer Added Sep 24, 2010
There’s something special about seeing a girl’s reactions the first time she’s spanked! That’s exactly what’s on offer in a new series with pretty Hailey Lockhart. Catch the look of surprise and pain on her face as her bouncing booty take a first-ever spanking. As an intern, Hailey thinks taking a day off and being late are not important. How wrong she is!
Real "girl next door" models getting hard, bare ass spankings!
NUDE Abigail Whittaker 40-stroke strapping by The Interventionist for nebbing!
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>Download WMV trailer Added Sep 27, 2010
John Ryan takes a leather strap to Abigail Whittaker, laid nude across his bed for 40 strokes. Her offense? Not asking permission to use his shower. While looking in his closet, she discovers his dark secret: a hoard of spanking DVDs! Now Abigail understands why she’s punished so frequently. But it won’t stop her being strapped nude across the bed!
The painful expressions, reactions and tears are 100% real!
30 strokes with a tawse for Alison Miller after insulting kitchen staff at Boot Camp
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>Download WMV trailer Added Sep 29, 2010
Flame-haired beauty Alison Miller has attitude, we all know that. But learning when to keep her mouth shut it still a challenge! Insulting kitchen staff in Boot Camp about their appalling food means a visit to see Earl Grey in her combat jumpsuit. 30 strokes of the tawse across her bare rear-end will teach Alison a red and sore lesson to remember.
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