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Bare bottom slippering for Belinda Lawson, lying over a trestle in a garden
Added Dec 07, 2018
What WOULD the gardener think if he saw stunning Belinda Lawson bare bottomed and topless over a punishment frame in the open air while a stinging slipper is applied to her bouncing buttocks in Marks Out of Ten? She’s cut two training sessions so Captain Johnson spanks her. Amazing Reaction Cam and slow-motion breast-bouncing replays!
Real "girl next door" models getting hard, bare ass spankings!
It’s time for nurse Amelia Rutherford to feel the sting of Dr Grey’s new paddle!
Added Dec 10, 2018
Opening the mail at Dr Grey’s surgery, Amelia is mystified to discover a leather paddle in one envelope. It doesn’t take long for Earl Grey to use it on her bare bottom. “Kneeling on a high stool to be spanked is really difficult,” says Amelia. “Those yelps are real, I thought I was going to fall off!” See her spanked bare in Doctor’s Orders.
The painful expressions, reactions and tears are 100% real!
Belinda Lawson spanked and slippered topless over a punishment frame
Added Dec 12, 2018
Laid almost naked over a punishment frame in Captain Johnson’s garden, naval rating Belinda Lawson is soundly spanked and slippered for smoking and cutting training. See butt cheeks ripple and bounce in slow-motion replays, while her breasts sway and jiggle after her top is pulled up to her shoulders. Marks Out of Ten scores again!
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