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A well striped bottom is Alison Miller’s reward for staying out all night
Added Dec 18, 2015
When Spanking Stepsister Dani Daniels sees Alison sneaking in after staying out clubbing all night, she breaks out the cane for 18 - count them, 18 - strokes across her curvy bottom. First on leggings, then panties, then six bare bottom, this a classic caning! Hot slo-mo caning replay and fun behind the scenes footage are a bonus.
Real "girl next door" models getting hard, bare ass spankings!
Bare bottom a bouncing jiggling red, Belinda Lawson takes a tough spanking
Added Dec 21, 2015
Enrolling in a motivational program seemed like a good idea for Belinda Lawson in Asking For It. But when she’s spanked a third time over her work appraisal, she has second thoughts. The speed and severity of Earl Grey’s spanking technique sends her bare buttocks a wobbling crimson in no time. Spectacular slow-motion replay!
The painful expressions, reactions and tears are 100% real!
Senior Kylee Anders is sent to The Principal’s Office for the board of education
Added Dec 23, 2015
“I totally dread the paddle,” admits beautiful Kylee Anders after shooting The Principal’s Office. “It made me cry on camera!” Caught giving test answers to other students, she gets 12 swats from Mr Stockton on tight denim shorts burning her pert behind just four days before graduation. Watch out for guest Stacy Stockton too!
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