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Fifty shades of spanking: beautiful young ladies, perfectly punished

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Beautiful girl-next-door models and totally real spankings

Firm Hand offers the most stunning young ladies being soundly punished for your entertainment…

Girls with attitude and intelligence, style and wit, and of course the hottest, naughtiest, juiciest bottoms on the web!

From domestic discipline to school and college punishments, office to airline, Victorian period correction to intense one-on-one discipline sessions…it’s all here. Each video is professionally shot and edited in widescreen HD, along with high-resolution storyboard stills.

Most of our models received their very first spankings at Firm Hand, and it shows in their reactions! Well-reddened, bouncing bottoms tell their own story.

All our content is exclusive to Firm Hand, as are most of our models, including top talents Samantha Woodley, Alison Miller and Stacy Stockton. Join now to access over 2,360 videos, 62,800 stills and 132 models!
Alison Miller Dani Daniels Amelia Rutherford Samantha Woodley

Rosie Munroe Delta Howser Helen Stephens Belinda Lawson

Lilian White Lyra Bryant Katya Nostrovia

Lisa Langley Sophie Taylor Dolliah Hart Yumi Bennett

Pandora Blake Niki Flynn Corinne Hopkins Melanie Taylor

Laurel Brooks Alexandria Laurent Amber Wells Michaela McGowen

Georgia Schafer Stacy Stockton Kylee Anders Sascha Bennett

Katherine Askew Karen Hughes Anna Grant Kelsey Baker

Camilla Scott Portia Marlowe Kelsey Wilde Katherine St James

Jodi Biltmore Tara Somerville Monica Bouget Stephanie Murray

Amber Davies Adrienne Black Abilail Simmons Kelly Morgan

Hellen Baker Ashley Thomas Valerie Bryant Jana Tatum

Leia Ann Woods Allaura Shane Tiffany Bennett Tanya Carter

Jennifer Torrance Sasha Harding Beth Thompson Carina Thompson

Clarissa Berkeley Marissa Berkeley Elli Harrison Rhianna Parsons

Aleesha Fox Annabelle Vanderwood Corinne Gonzalez Carey Brooks

Alisha Strauss Goldie Rosemont Kayla Apple Carly Russell

Hailey Lockhart Jeri Patterson Abigail Whittaker Annabelle Lee

justine_adams.jpg (8348 bytes)
Caroline Harper Justine Adams Susan Gilbert Ally Cole

michelle_armstrong.jpg (7704 bytes)
tiffany_hendricks.jpg (7105 bytes)
Cindy Wallace Courtni Kissell Michelle Armstrong Tiffany Hendricks

taylor_ash.jpg (7120 bytes)
brittaney_mayes.jpg (7486 bytes)
Taylor Ash Brittany Mayes Madison Martin Sierra Salem

Lizzy Madison Shannon Carson Chloe Elise Leanna Oliver

Analisa Devonshire Charlie Brandon Krista Taylor Kailee Robinson

Natasha Edwards Rachel Rodgers Amy Denison Natasha Peachey

Lane Chapman Mira North Mary Donohue Daphne Rosen

Lucy Armstrong Kaytlin Davis Anna Svensson Nicole Page

Amber Thomson Paige Porter Rachel Young Amanda Lewis

Debra Leigh Sofia Celli Cassandra Campbell Laura Moore

Rosaleen Young Jessica Rei Jennifer Johnson Karen Marshall

Carina West Lauren Mitchell Lisa Bryant Martina Warren

Carly Crewe Charlie Russell Juliet Carson Nadine Foxley

Angel Long Angela Dickson Jane Record Kim & Jessica

Lauren Morrison Natasha Lewis Karen Moore Dana Porasky

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