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Stripped naked, paddled 12 swats on the chimes of midnight: Happy New Year!
Added Dec 31, 2014
We love beautiful Welsh blonde Belinda Lawson! She volunteered to ring in 2015 with a tough 12-swat paddling on the chimes of midnight, completely nude! A large Texas school paddle delivers impressive spanking action, shot from multiple angles. HOT!
Real "girl next door" models getting hard, bare ass spankings!
Deleting an interview from the newspaper’s archive costs Portia a strapping
Added Dec 29, 2014
She may be a new reporter on Richard Anderson’s tabloid newspaper in The Big Story. That doesn’t prevent Portia Marlowe having her posh bottom bared and belted 64 times for deleting an interview from the newspaper’s server and trying to lie about it.
The painful expressions, reactions and tears are 100% real!
Topless photo-shoot on campus means a topless whipping for Camilla Scott!
Added Dec 26, 2014
Camilla Scott’s college dean finds out she’s done a topless shoot on campus. He can’t spank her, but Earl Grey can in Asking For It. Camilla peels off her top in front of Mr Grey and bends to take 47 with a riding crop, bare bottom and breasts bouncing pertly!
No-nonsense bare bottom over the knee hand & hairbrush spankings ...
Finale strapping has Jodi Biltmore bare butt and yelling at Reform Academy
Added Dec 24, 2014
“I’m sorry sir, I won’t do it again!” says pretty Jodi Biltmore as she’s punished for putting ink in a teacher’s coffee. “She likes it black!” Jodi smirks. Laid out flat, pert butt up for 60 strokes from Mr Strickman’s strap, her panty-clad then bare bottom burns hot and red!
Genuine American style "grab-your-ankles" school inspired paddlings ...
A little trust goes a long way...when it’s broken Stacy is spanked totally nude!
Added Dec 22, 2014
Stepping naked out of the shower, Stacy Stockton is hot, soaking wet and looking guilty as husband Jonny asks about going out with a male work colleague. It’s all about trust in Truly Madly Deeply. She kneels nude to accept her punishment: 110 with a strap!
Authentic British style "touch-your-toes" bare bottom canings ...
Will a bare bottom strapping teach Alison Miller not to cheat?
Added Dec 19, 2014
Rules at Reform School never worry little miss attitude, Alison Miller! But her bouncing bubble butt pays the price for cheating on a test with 62 swats of Patrick Bateman’s leather strap, most of them panties down. Watch her cheeks jiggle as he goes to work!
Domestic discipline, office spankings, judicial punishments and much more!
New job, new rules and a sound spanking over the knee for newbie Kelsey Wilde
Added Dec 17, 2014
“OK, I admit I was shocked, this was totally my first spanking,” Kelsey said. Getting a prestige new job as House Sitter at a mansion in the Hollywood Hills carries strange conditions. “Mr Stockton can put me over his knee and spank me whenever he wants!”
Gorgeous girls, beautiful bottoms, sound spankings: that's our promise!
Belinda Lawson finally admits she likes to be spanked by her boss!
Added Dec 15, 2014
Stunning Perfect PA Belinda Lawson admits to boss Richard Anderson that having her bottom spanked isn’t punishment: she actually enjoys it. A hotel ‘business development weekend’ is a perfect excuse to strap her bouncing bare butt cheeks 26 times - hard!
Three updates weekly: spanking entertainment at its best!
Hot new spanking star Kylee has her perfect bottom bared for punishment
Added Dec 12, 2014
Sassy attitude, gorgeous looks, fabulous figure: Kylee Anders is a hot new talent! See her laid out butt up on a pool table in Au Pair for a cheek-jiggling, teeth-clenching 237 with a ping-pong paddle. Reaction Cam and slow motion replays make it banging hot!
Firm Hand Spanking - distinctively different
Provocative yoga exercises earn Amelia Rutherford the hairbrush
Added Dec 10, 2014
Amelia Rutherford provokes Earl Grey with sexy yoga exercises and sidelong looks. After testing his patience to the limit in Safe House, Amelia is put over his knee for a tough 50-swat hairbrush spanking on her bare bottom. But can she keep quiet? Oh no!
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