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Lying flat on a pool table, pert bottom bare, Corinne’s legs kick as she’s spanked
Added Oct 14, 2016
Asleep drunk on the Reform Academy pool table earns bratty Corinne Hopkins a sound spanking from Eric Strickman. First with his hand, then her own pink hairbrush, her bare cheeks are set bouncing. But her attitude soon increases her punishment to a stinging, drilled wooden paddle: see her legs kick and painful Reaction Cam replay!
Real "girl next door" models getting hard, bare ass spankings!
Bare bottom caning has stunning Dani Daniels in tears for Naval Discipline
Added Oct 12, 2016
“The cane is a different sting to anything else, it’s sharp and intense,” Dani said after crying during a 12-stroke caning in Naval Discipline. The scantily clad beauty has been out on the town with other cadets. Mr Anderson decides a dose of his cane is needed. See the full Reaction Cam replay: “My reactions are genuine!”
The painful expressions, reactions and tears are 100% real!
Belinda reports for punishment in her old school uniform, hoping for leniency
Added Oct 10, 2016
Looking innocent in her old school uniform should get Belinda Lawson into Earl Grey’s good books in Asking For It. She even set up the gym vault to bend over so she doesn’t have to touch her toes! Will her plan for him to be lenient work? Starting with a ping pong paddle, he switches it up to 15 stinging whacks with a meter ruler!
No-nonsense bare bottom over the knee hand & hairbrush spankings ...
Bare bottom bouncing, bent over a pool table, Corinne is soundly strapped
Added Oct 07, 2016
Disobedience and attitude have painful consequences, as pretty Corinne Hopkins discovers at Reform Academy. Eric Strickman has already punished her, now he turns up the heat with a leather tawse across her bare bottom. Her cheeks clench and bounce (check out the slo-motion replay!) as the strap goes to work.
Genuine American style "grab-your-ankles" school inspired paddlings ...
Spanked bare bottom with a ping pong paddle - Dani Daniels feels the burn
Added Oct 05, 2016
Hands behind her head, bare bottom pushed out, Dani Daniels grits her teeth as her cheeks bounce and redden from Richard Anderson’s spanking for Naval Discipline. All because she didn’t keep her dorm tidy! “I cried in the previous sequence,” Dani said. “I was surprised how much the ping pong paddle stung, I was still sore!”
Authentic British style "touch-your-toes" bare bottom canings ...
Belinda Lawson dreads the slipper, especially when it’s used after a strapping
Added Oct 03, 2016
When gorgeous, super-spankable Belinda Lawson goes back to her old headmaster in school uniform Asking For It, she soon realises that he will punish her more severely than at school. After a stinging strapping with a tawse, he selects the dreaded slipper and lays it on with eye-watering effect to Belinda’s totally bare, wobbling bottom.
Domestic discipline, office spankings, judicial punishments and much more!
Bare bottom spanking for troublemaker Corinne Hopkins: will it work?
Added Sep 30, 2016
Enrolled in a strict Reform Academy after behavior issues at school, bratty Corinne Hopkins is over principal Eric Strickman’s knee for a long overdue spanking. But she can’t help her mouth! When she calls him an asshole, her panties are pulled down so her totally bare bottom is swiftly wobbling and red as he teaches her respect.
Gorgeous girls, beautiful bottoms, sound spankings: that's our promise!
Tears from the tawse: Dani Daniels strapped for being absent without permission
Added Sep 28, 2016
Dani Daniels grits her teeth as a leather strap is laid across her bare ass in Naval Discipline. When the tears start to flow, Richard Anderson carries on until she learns the severity of leaving base without leave. Amazing Reaction Cam shots as Dani cries. “I was determined not to quit, but that strap seriously got to me.”
Three updates weekly: spanking entertainment at its best!
Fast and furious paddling, bare bottom, as Belinda Lawson provokes Earl Grey
Added Sep 26, 2016
Belinda Lawson reports for more corporal punishment as part of her quest for guidance in Asking For It. The blistering, cheek rippling, flesh reddening leather paddle follows a sharp hand spanking. Belinda can’t resist provoking Earl Grey, who’s furious response is to increase the speed and force of his paddle on her bare bottom!
Firm Hand Spanking - distinctively different
Bare bottom attitude adjustment for Corinne Hopkins with a hand and belt
Added Sep 23, 2016
Reform Academy principal Eric Strickman has a perfect way to adjust the attitude of bratty student Corinne Hopkins with his hand and a belt on her bare bottom. Reluctantly bent over the end of her bed, those bouncing cheeks turn red from the belt as she learns respect. “I was surprised how much the leather stung!” confessed Corinne.
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