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Improper dress for school costs Lisa Langley a dose of the leather paddle
Added Nov 15, 2017
Lisa feels the sting of a leather paddle across her juicy booty when John Friday takes issue with what she wore to school in Attitude Adjustment. She can argue, but it’s not going to prevent a spanking. See her bottom bounce and quiver as justice is applied. “The leather paddle is a stinger for sure,” admits Lisa. “A butt burner!”
Real "girl next door" models getting hard, bare ass spankings!
Broken vase means a sore bottom as Lilian White is strapped in Celebrity Brat
Added Nov 13, 2017
Lying flat on a table, her bubble butts jutting skywards, Lilian feels the sting of a leather strap for breaking a valuable vase. “It’s not fair!” she wails. But the strap continues to rise and fall, the painful crack on bare skin turning her ass into a quivering, jiggling redness. Facing the wall, hands behind her head, she thinks about it.
The painful expressions, reactions and tears are 100% real!
First-ever spanking turns Helen’s creamy smooth cheeks bouncing red
Added Nov 10, 2017
A hot-bottomed welcome for doe-eyed beauty Helen Stephens as her creamy white bare bottom is spanked for the very first time! “I was nervous about getting spanked,” she confesses, “but the production team were great!” Sent to Reform Academy by her government department, her bouncing bottom is swiftly educated.
No-nonsense bare bottom over the knee hand & hairbrush spankings ...
Belinda Lawson is sent to Reform Academy for a strict discipline programme
Added Nov 08, 2017
This is what we’ve been waiting for: two beautiful young women sent to Reform Academy to improve their performance and behavior at work! Belinda is joined by hot British newcomer Helen Stephens for a bottom-reddening to remember. Belinda is first over Earl Grey’s knee for a resounding spanking, watched by a nervous Helen!
Genuine American style "grab-your-ankles" school inspired paddlings ...
Head cheerleader spanked for a prank at school, bottom bouncing bare
Added Nov 06, 2017
“I get to decide everything at school,” claims Lisa Langley before she’s soundly spanked over Mr Friday’s knee for Attitude Adjustment. “You were sent here because you need correcting,” he tells her. “I will correct you!”. Turning her jiggling, juicy bare cheeks cherry red won’t change this young lady’s attitude. Slo-mo ass bounce replay!
Authentic British style "touch-your-toes" bare bottom canings ...
Lilian White bends over to have her bottom striped with 12 strokes of the cane
Added Nov 03, 2017
Picking flowers from a display costs Lilian White a sore ass when she gets home in Celebrity Brat. 12 stolen flowers equals 12 stinging strokes with a swishy rattan cane. “It’s a very sharp sting,” Lilian says. “So different from a strap or paddle!” See a bratty young lady grab her ankles for her new tutor to apply the rod of correction.
Domestic discipline, office spankings, judicial punishments and much more!
Alison Miller is back in The Principal’s Office for 12 swats with a wooden paddle!
Added Nov 01, 2017
“The one thing I dread is a wooden paddle,” admits Alison with a grim smile. “The sting goes so deep!” But as a top Firm Hand star, she knows a paddling is part of the deal. She reports to The Principal’s Office in tight jeans to be punished for failing to complete her project on time. Will 12 hard swats from Principal Friday help?
Gorgeous girls, beautiful bottoms, sound spankings: that's our promise!
Meet NEW MODEL Lisa Langley as she discovers that she can still get spanked!
Added Oct 30, 2017
Lying over her uncle’s knee, Lisa Langley discovers she’s not too old to be spanked, panties down, in Attitude Adjustment. “Being put over John Friday’s knee the first time was awkward,” says newcomer Lisa. “Then he pulled down my panties: super awkward. Being spanked was a new experience, but so fun too,” she confessed.
Three updates weekly: spanking entertainment at its best!
Tardiness earns sporty senior Lilian White a padding on her nearly bare bottom
Added Oct 27, 2017
Partying with friends makes sporty gymnast Lilian White late to school in Celebrity Brat. Her new mentor has a perfect solution: improve timekeeping with a wooden paddle across her bubble butt. “The sting of the wood was bad through pants, but a lot worse on my bare ass,” admits Lilian. See her ass bounce in slo-mo replays!
Firm Hand Spanking - distinctively different
Alison Miller’s caned bottom a spectacular sight in costume roleplay finale
Added Oct 25, 2017
Alison Miller’s wacky costume roleplay series dips into Alice in Wonderland’s crazy world in a surreal exchange with cane-master John Friday. But there’s nothing surreal about the 14 cane strokes she endures across her bottom, each fiery thwack sending ripples across her buttocks and leaving tramlines of justice in this finale.
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